Camping Tent Rental is an Economical Equipment Alternative

Camping TentsWhat happens if you’re invited on a camping trip and don’t own a tent? If you’ve never gone camping—or, haven’t been for a while—buying a new tent for one trip might be a daunting chore. Camping tent rental is the perfect solution, for it provides the best tent for your needs without exceeding your vacation budget.

If you camp occasionally, you can save money renting rather than buying an expensive tent that spends most of its life stored in the garage. If you’re returning to camping after a long absence, camping tent rental allows you to try out today’s best tents before making a purchase. If you camp frequently, rental is an alternative to shipping gear across country when you’re traveling by plane. In each case, you have rental locations from which to choose.

Local Store

When you rent at a local outdoor equipment store, you can examine prospective tents first hand, talk to sales people about features, and pick up the tent without worrying about rental reservations at a faraway site. If the store is small and/or doesn’t focus on rentals, you may have fewer tents to choose from and they might be old or badly maintained.

Chain Store

Stores with a nationwide presence display available rental tents on their websites. Reserve your tent online and then pick it up when you reach the park, national forest, or wilderness area where you’re camping. Camping tent rental pickups at or near the campsite facilitate vacation packing, especially for those who are traveling by plane or in cars with insufficient space for extra equipment. If you cancel your trip, make sure to cancel your tent reservation early enough to avoid being charged for a tent you don’t use.

Direct Online Rental

Outfitters who specialize in camping tent rental usually have more tent styles and models to choose from than stores that focus primarily on sales. Once you select the tent, the equipment will be shipped to you in time for your trip. This alternative works well if you’re traveling by car and have plenty of space for outdoor gear. After the trip, you’ll have to pack up the tent and send it back to the rental company.

Campsite Package

Some private campgrounds offer packages that include site rental and camping gear including tents, sleeping bags, and lanterns. This is a good alternative for those traveling by plane or a small car who want everything ready on arrival. Reserve the campsite and equipment in advance and cancel them if your travel plans change. Guidebooks and web sites list local camping tent rental outfitters near popular campgrounds. Compare their prices with those charged by campground operators. Some outfitters charge cleaning fees when tents are returned wet or dirty.

Regardless of where you rent your tent, important decisions include budget, tent size (1-person, 2-person, family), season (1 season, 3-season, 4 season), weight, and any special feature required for a great camping trip.

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  • September 2 at 7:25 pm

    Great idea, especially if you need something expensive but dependable like a Vango force ten for the weekend. I didn’t know camping stores actually rented tents out.


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