The Latest in Camping Gear and Supplies

camping gearLike gear for most hobbies, camping gear and supplies are regularly developed to take advantage of advances in technology. Although many camping purists feel that camping is a way to escape from the hi-tech world we live in, it’s a rare camper that wouldn’t find temptation in the convenience and comfort offered by the latest developments in camping gear and supplies.

When we think of technology, it’s natural to think of electronic equipment, and a variety of camping gear and supplies have taken advantage of new developments. For example, you can get high tech combination radio clocks that also give you the temperature and serve as a compass. But if finding your way in the dark with a compass isn’t your idea of fun, then portable GPS systems can now help you to pinpoint your location using satellite positioning. Beyond these items, other advances have been made in camping equipment and supplies. Portable water filtration systems or water pasteurization indicators make it simple and fast to make water safe to drink or cook with. Personal cooking systems will help you to quickly and safely prepare hot beverages or meals for one or more people over a small fuel cartridge.

Innovations haven’t been limited to smaller camping gear and supplies. There are also new versions of the largest camping gear – trailers. These new types accommodate people who needed something more from their living space while camping. For example, if you like to bring your ATV, dirt bike, water vehicle or other toys out with you on your camping trip, then consider a ‘toy box’ trailer. Half of the trailer is a garage, complete with ramp, for your favorite toy or large camping gear and the other half is living space to relax in after playing. You can relax in comfort with generators that make your preferred electrical appliances possible.

In another new trailer version, there is now a hybrid vehicle that combines the best of the soft, or pop-up and hard, or fixed, trailers. This flexible space includes some bunks that fold down from the outside of the trailer and a net or screen covering that adds sleeping space by extending it to the outside. But you don’t end up with the extra weight that a larger trailer would add.

When it comes to camping gear or backpacking gear, the fact is that what’s available is constantly evolving. Often these evolutions come in the form of unique, condensed combinations of supplies. But you can also find new developments such as roll-up solar panels that capture and store solar energy for use in your camping appliances. Staying abreast of these kinds of changes will help to ensure that you have the most comfortable, safe camping experience possible for you and your family. Not to mention the latest and greatest gadgets are down right fun to play with.

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